Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Spare Parts in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Your Trusted Partner for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration spare parts in Saudi Arabia.

With over 29 years of expertise, Abusaeed proudly serves as a distinguished dealer, seller, and distributor of premium HVAC components, specializing in brands such as Honeywell, Resideo, Refron, Copeland, Dixell, Kranzle, Emerson, and Parker.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the landscapes vary from deserts to coastal regions, Abusaeed's extensive product range is tailored to meet the unique demands of the climate. As a trusted and authorized dealer, we bring unparalleled quality and performance to the forefront of HVAC solutions in the region.

Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC has been a pioneer in introducing innovative technology to the fields of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Electrical components for over 29 years. Our commitment to excellence extends across prime business locations in Saudi Arabia and the GCC region, ensuring prompt and reliable services for our valued clients.

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Why Opt for for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Spare Parts in Saudi Arabia?

Unrivaled Credibility: is a name synonymous with unwavering quality and trust. Our exclusive dealings with globally recognized brands guarantee state-of-the-art products that precisely align with your requirements.

Contented Clientele: Our extensive client base includes some of the most esteemed firms across the Middle East, Africa, and India. This speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction they've found in our products and services.

Extensive Product Inventory: Backed by commendable infrastructure and a substantial inventory, we house a complete array of specialized tools, parts, and equipment to meet the demands of both new projects and maintenance services.

Client-Focused Approach: Our unwavering dedication to your business and goodwill sets us apart. We provide competitive prices and prioritize swift product delivery, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services.

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Brands in Saudi Arabia

As a dealer/distributor, proudly represents the following distinguished brands:


Abusaeed is honored to be a trusted dealer, distributor, supplier, and trader of Honeywell products in Saudi Arabia. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions in the fields of air conditioning and refrigeration, Honeywell's products, available through our partnership, are designed to meet the highest industry standards.


As an authorized distributor and supplier of Resideo, Abusaeed delivers top-notch solutions for your air conditioning and refrigeration needs in Saudi Arabia. Resideo's commitment to comfort, security, and efficiency aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide the best products and services to our customers in the Kingdom.

Honeywell Home

Honeywell Home, a division of Honeywell, focuses on making homes more comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient. Abusaeed is your dedicated source for Honeywell Home products in Saudi Arabia, offering a wide range of smart thermostats and other home automation solutions to enhance your living space.


Abusaeed is your trusted dealer and supplier of Refron products in Saudi Arabia, encompassing a comprehensive range of refrigerants. Refron's high-quality refrigerant solutions are essential for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, and we ensure their availability for your projects in Saudi Arabia.


We take pride in being a reliable distributor and supplier of Copeland compressors in Saudi Arabia. Copeland's compressors are synonymous with efficiency and performance in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Abusaeed ensures that these trusted products are readily accessible to you.


Dixell is a leader in control and monitoring systems for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry. Abusaeed's partnership with Dixell allows us to offer advanced control solutions that ensure precision and reliability in your systems in Saudi Arabia.


As a dealer and supplier of Kranzle high-pressure cleaning pumps, Abusaeed provides you with the tools needed to maintain and clean your systems effectively in Saudi Arabia. Kranzle's products are renowned for their durability and efficiency, making them a valuable addition to your operations.


Abusaeed is dedicated to delivering Emerson's exceptional products to our customers in Saudi Arabia. Emerson's solutions encompass a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration components, known for their reliability and performance.


Abusaeed is a trusted partner in providing Parker's high-quality products in Saudi Arabia, including valves, linear actuators, and other components. Parker's commitment to precision engineering aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver excellence in air conditioning and refrigeration solutions.

With Abusaeed's commitment to quality and a wide range of products from these renowned brands, you can trust us to meet your air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical component needs in Saudi Arabia.

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Precision Climate Control Thermostats in Saudi Arabia

Discover top-quality Thermostats at, your trusted source in Saudi Arabia. Our range includes AC, FCU, DX, Smart, Wi-Fi, and Digital Thermostats. Achieve precise temperature regulation for your air conditioning and refrigeration systems with our reliable products.


Refrigerant Solutions Tailored for Saudi Arabia's Needs

At, we offer a comprehensive selection of Refrigerants, including R134a, R22, and R410a. Ensure efficient cooling in Saudi Arabia's climate with our Refrigerant products. Stay compliant with environmental regulations while maximizing performance.


Valves Designed for Saudi Arabia's HVAC Systems is your local supplier of HVAC Valves in Saudi Arabia. Choose from FCU and Expansion Valves to optimize your system's efficiency and control. Our valves are designed to meet the specific demands of Saudi Arabia's air conditioning and refrigeration needs.


Linear Actuators for Precision Movement

For precise control in Saudi Arabia's HVAC systems, offers Linear Actuators. These devices guarantee accuracy in adjusting various components. Enhance your system's performance with our high-quality actuators, tailored to Saudi Arabia's conditions.


Compressors for Reliable Cooling in Saudi Arabia

Explore our range of Compressors at, designed for Saudi Arabia's climate. Choose from Scroll, Piston, AC, and Rotary Compressors. Trust in our products to deliver consistent cooling and efficient operation, even in Saudi Arabia's challenging conditions.


Capacitors to Enhance Electrical Performance

Enhance your electrical systems in Saudi Arabia with Capacitors from We provide AC and FCU Capacitors that meet the rigorous demands of HVAC and refrigeration applications in Saudi Arabia's unique climate.


Refrigeration Solutions for Saudi Arabia's Climate offers Refrigeration products tailored to Saudi Arabia's specific needs. Our Refrigeration Monitoring Systems and Lubricants ensure peak performance and reliability in Saudi Arabia's challenging environmental conditions.

HVAC Tools

High-Quality HVAC Tools for Saudi Arabia

At, we provide a wide selection of HVAC Tools suitable for Saudi Arabia's HVAC and refrigeration industry. Our tools are designed to meet the needs of professionals in Saudi Arabia, ensuring efficient and precise work.

Explore for all your air conditioning and refrigeration needs in Saudi Arabia. Our products are carefully selected and tailored to perform optimally in the region's unique climate, offering reliability and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose in Saudi Arabia for HVAC solutions?

We bring over 29 years of experience, a commitment to quality, and a strong track record of customer satisfaction.

Are the brands you offer authentic and reliable?

Absolutely. Abusaeed exclusively deals with top-tier brands renowned for their quality, innovation, and reliability.

Do you offer competitive pricing without compromising quality?

Yes, our competitive prices ensure you get the best value without sacrificing quality.

How quickly can I expect product delivery in Saudi Arabia?

We prioritize prompt product delivery to meet your project timelines and requirements.

Are your products suitable for both new installations and maintenance services?

Yes, our comprehensive inventory caters to the needs of both new projects and ongoing maintenance services.

Choose in Saudi Arabia for your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs - where excellence, precision, and reliability converge to optimize your HVAC systems for peak performance

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