The UAE is a strong, vibrant and modern nation that welcomes people from all around the world. It also has an important and growing presence all over the world. It also has an important and growing presence all over the world. The open economy, attractive business environment and continued economic growth are favorable fore trading; the UAE has emerged as a key international trade hub between East and West. Abu Saeed Trading Company is an authorized dealer as well as distributor of Honeywell products.

The basis of the relationship between Honeywell, UAE and Abu Saeed Trading Company is the fact that we distribute or sell goods supplied by Honeywell which is a manufacturing company. Thermostat is one of the best products of Honeywell which helps to save energy and assure safety. The four basic types of thermostats are Non-programmable, Programmable, Wi-Fi and Smart.

What Is A Wifi Thermostat?

A wifi thermostat is a thermostat that can connect to the internet without a wired connection. It is programmable thermostat that can control via the internet using your laptop or desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. In simple terms, a wifi thermostat lets you access and control your heating and cooling system through the internet.

How thermostats work

In terms of operation, there are two types of thermostats: line-voltage and low-voltage.

Line-voltage thermostats

Line-voltage thermostats are used in single heating systems, such as radiator systems and baseboards. Further, this type of connection flows through the thermostat and into the heater. The trouble with this kind of thermostat is that they sometimes shut off before the entire room is bought to the set temperature.

Low-voltage thermostats

These thermostats are more efficient for controlling air flow. Low-voltage thermostats allow you to accurately control the air current and make it easier to use programmable controls. Low-voltage thermostats operate on 24V to 50V, whereas line-voltage thermostats operate on 240V.

Connecting your thermostat to Wi-Fi can perform during the initial setup and configuration, or later at a time you choose.

Features of Wi-Fi Thermostat

You can select your colour for your comfort. In addition, you can personalize your Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat

Flexible programming options for your schedule

Easy operation and intuitive. In addition, Bright, easy-to-read touchscreen makes for simple operation.

Compatible with Forced air (gas, oil or electric), hot water and steam, and heat pumps

Further, help to save energy, track your heating and cooling with monthly energy reports.

However, installing a WiFi thermostat is as easy way to monitor the cooling within your home, and help you stay cool while saving money too. Above all, we strive to source and provide high quality products with dedicated customer service and uncompromising standards to improve lives and our communities.

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