UAE itself is a major investment destination, it is also has an important and growing presence all over the world. The UAE has been a member of WTO since April 1996, it is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council an d is leading trading hub of the region. Abu Saeed Trading is one of the most reputed Honeywell UAE Distributor. We distribute a wide range of components, equipments, spares and tools for the industry. Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate corporation which primarily operates in four areas of business. They are aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.

Abu Saeed Trading Company is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of the well-established brand Honeywell. We deal with many products of Honeywell like refrigerant, thermostats, valves etc.

Honeywell Valve Distributors

The basis of the relationship between Honeywell, UAE and Abu Saeed Trading Company is the fact that we distribute products supplied by Honeywell. Honeywell is a manufacturing company. We supply valves, thermostats, refrigerant etc. through retail as well as whole sale outlet across UAE.

Features of Honeywell 2-Way Globe Valve

A valve is one of the vital parts use in the industrial sector. It is a high prioritized item in the industry and is employed to control the flow of liquids or gases. There are different types of valves for different purpose. Lets’ read on the features of 2-Way Globe Valve.

Firstly, high pressure steam models with stainless steel trim
Secondly, spring-loaded, self-adjusting packing
Thirdly, stainless steel stem prevents corrosive
Fourthly, valve designs provide equal percentage characteristics of flow for close control of water, and linear characteristics of flow for close control of steam or chilled water
Fifthly, valves utilize direct mounting, electric or pneumatic linear valve actuators
Sixthly, not suitable for combustible gases


Depending on your intended use, the materials with which your valves are made might be a critical aspect in ensuring safe operation. Furthermore will reduce maintenance and replacement costs over the life of your operation.

Stainless steel valves are excellent options in a range of processing environments. It includes those involving corrosive media (such as chemicals, saltwater, and acids), environments with strict sanitation standards (such as food and beverage manufacturing and pharmaceuticals). In addition processes involving high pressure or high temperatures.

However, if you are processing solvents, fuels, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), choosing a valve material from a non-sparking material. This materials include brass, bronze, copper, or even plastic which is a better option. In addition to selecting the correct body material, internal (wetted) trim parts evaluate for chemical compatibility as well as pressure and temperature limitations.

Above all, we consolidate the valves and other products and resell the products. We are trusted distributor also sometimes referred to as wholesaler of Honeywell, UAE.

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