Honeywell UAE manufactures various products to different sector. The UAE is the Middle East’s second largest economy, and one of the wealthiest countries in the region on a per capita basis. The UAE is seen as a prime launch-pad for countries wishing to access markets around the world. Honeywell Products and Solutions are sold through Authorised Distributors and Dealers/ Integrators/ Resellers.

Honeywell Distributor in the UAE

The Honeywell UAE delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace and automotive products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes, and industry; and performance materials globally. Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC the most reputed distributors of Honeywell offer very competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery of our products.

We distribute Honeywell refrigerant which is one of the best brands from world’s well known companies. Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC has commendable infrastructure and maintains a large inventory of a complete range of specialized tools, parts & equipments for the industry to meet the demands of new projects and maintenance services.


A refrigerant is a substance use in a heat cycle to transfer heat from one area, and remove it to another. Usually a gas at room temperature. Furthermore, found in pretty much everything that cools, and sometimes in things that heat, most commonly air conditioners, fridges, freezers, and vehicle air conditioners.

Types of Refrigerants

The most common refrigerants used for air conditioning over the years include:

Firstly, Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), including R12. This will contribute to the greenhouse gas effect. Production ceased in 1994.

Secondly, Hydrochloroflurocarbons (HCFCs), including R22. Although slightly less damaging to the ozone than R12 was, the EPA mandated a phase out with the Clean Air Act of 2010. Consequently, R22 was completely phased out by 2020.

Thirdly, Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), including R410A and R134. With no chlorine in the mix, HFCs are safer for the environment. Air conditioners that run on R410A are more efficient, reliable, and offer better air quality.

Honeywell Refrigerants

Honeywell has a comprehensive range of commercial, alternative, intermediate and long-term refrigerants. Moreover, they meet or surpass the performance levels of older refrigerants. However, they have lower environmental impact; they’re safe to use, efficient and cost-effective.

However, Honeywell is at the technology forefront of every major development of fluorocarbon refrigerants. So as business requires lower GWP refrigerants, Honeywell delivers. In addition,our Solstice brand of hydrofluoroolefins (HFOs) offer comparable performance to today’s most widely-used stationary and mobile refrigerants. Further, Solstice products have a short atmospheric lifetime, which means they have very low global warming potential.

We provide the best of products and services based on deep rooted commitment and value towards our customer’s business and goodwill. Above all, we offer very competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery of our products.

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