The UAE is seen as a prime launch-pad for countries wishing to access markets around the world. The United Arab Emirates emerged as a business region with a vibrant free economy. Honeywell delivers industry specific solutions that include aerospace and automotive products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; and performance materials globally.  Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC the most reputed distributors offer very competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery of our products.

 We deal in the Honeywell refrigerant which is one of the best brands from world’s top companies.

Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC has commendable infrastructure and maintains a large inventory of a complete range of specialized tools, parts & equipments for the industry to meet the demands of new projects and main tenance services. 

What is refrigerant?

Refrigerant is the substance contain in the coils of the air conditioning unit which transfer heat from one area, and remove it to another. Usually a gas at room temperature. Refrigerant is inevitable to an air conditioner to keep your home cool.

Honeywell Refrigeration

Honeywell offers a broad line of R-502 and R-22 replacements for low – and medium- temperature refrigeration systems. Moreover our leading alternative is Genetron AZ-50® (R-507), an azeotopic HFC mixture of R-125 and R-143a invented and patented by Honeywell. R-507 can use in both low-and medium-temperature refrigeration systems, and in both new equipment and retrofit applications. Sold under our brand name AZ-50, R-507 has approved by the world’s leading refrigeration manufactures. Furthermore, it use worldwide in supermarkets and in industrial, food-service, and other applications.

Another alternative to R-502 and R-22 is Genetron 404A, use in low in both low-and medium-temperature systems. Genetron HP80 and Genetron 408A are also excellent interim products for low-and medium-temperature applications

Another alternative to R-502 and R-22 is Genetron 404A, which use in both low-and medium-temperature applications.

For medium-temperature systems, we manufacture interim products such as Genetron MP39, Genetron MP66 and Genetron 409A for retrofitting applications. We also offer Genetron 134a as a long-term non-ozone-depleting solutions for new and retrofit medium-temperature refrigeration systems.

What is the Role of Refrigerant?

Air conditioners contain refrigerant inside copper coils. As refrigerant absorbs heat from indoor air, it transitions from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid.

It is a low-pressure gas that basically store in the copper coils. Further, as refrigerant absorbs heat from indoor air, it transitions from a low-pressure gas to a high-pressure liquid.

Later, The refrigerant cools down and turns back into a low-pressure gas through a fan until it again transform into a gaseous form.

This refrigerant cycle keeps on going until the temperature desired inside your home is achieved by moving the cold air inside and pushing the hot air outside via refrigerant piping.

What we do?

Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC has been dedicated to make the world better through diverse business and advanced technology in the fields of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration along with all supporting Electrical parts and Equipments. We are the distributors of a wide range of components, equipments, spares and tools for the industry. We deal in only the best brands from world’s well known companies who manufacture state-of-the-art products.

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