R410A Refrigerant UAE

UAE itself is a major investment destination, it also has an important and growing presence all over the world. The UAE has been a member of WTO since April 1996, it is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council and is the leading trading hub of the region. We are one of the most reputed Honeywell Distributor in UAE. Abu Saeed Trading distributes a wide range of components, equipments, spares and tools for the industry. Honeywell is a multinational conglomerate corporation which primarily operates in four areas of business: aerospace, building technologies, performance materials and technologies, and safety and productivity solutions.

Abu Saeed Trading Company is a reputed Honeywell Refrigerant distributorsin UAE. We deal with many products of Honeywell like refrigerant, valves, thermostats etc.

What is Refrigerant?

A refrigerant is a substance used in a heat cycle to transfer heat from one area, and remove it to another. Usually a gas at room temperature. Found in pretty much everything that cools, and sometimes in things that heat, most commonly air conditioners, fridges, freezers, and vehicle air conditioners..

What is R-410A Refrigerant?

R-410A is often referred to as Puron, the main brand name associated with this type of refrigerant. It is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) which does not hurt the ozone layer.


  • Often referred to by a brand name like PuronĀ®
  • Has been approved for use in new residential air conditioners
  • Is a hydro-fluorocarbon (HFC) which does not contribute to ozone depletion
  • Will become the new standard for U.S. residential air conditioning systems in 2015


RNewer air conditioning models are designed to be used with R-410A for reliable and more efficient operation. Because R-410A can absorb and release more heat, your air conditioning compressor can run cooler, reducing the risk of compressor burnout due to overheating.

RR-410A also functions at a higher pressure, so new compressors are built to withstand greater stresses, reducing the chance for cracking. If you were to put R-410A refrigerant into a system designed for R-22, the pressure would be too much and the unit would break.

RAll air conditioners use an oil to keep the compressor lubricated during operation. R-410A systems use synthetic oil. The synthetic oil is generally more soluble with R-410A. This means the R-410A system operates more efficiently reducing wear and tear on the compressor. R-410A offers greater efficiency, saving you in energy costs, and is much better for the environment


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