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Honeywell Refrigerant distributors in UAE

Honeywell Refrigerant distributors in UAE supply fluorine-based (HFC) refrigerants for the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry. Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC, the Honeywell Refrigerant dealers in UAEdistributes a wide range of Honeywell refrigerant gases. We supply refrigerants R22, R134a, R404a, R407C and R410a which use in a number of applications. All that range from room air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, refrigerators and chillers suitable for the UAE.

Honeywell UAE is the top refrigerant manufacturing company in the industry. We are the authorised dealers and a trusted source of F-Gas compliant refrigerants. By buying from us, customers can avoid putting their businesses at legal risk of violating the F-Gas Regulation by using an illegal refrigerant.

Honeywell Refrigerants Gas

Honeywell Refrigerants Gas is the established technical leader in the development of fluorine-based (HFC) refrigerants. It is useful for the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry worldwide. Moreover, as you would expect from a world-class supplier, we have been at the forefront of the industry’s drive to develop these safer, non-ozone depleting alternatives to the older technology, environmentally unfriendly CFC and HCFC refrigerants, in compliance with global legislation for their phase-out. To ensure customers full support in this transition, Honeywell has dedicated its research resources. It is to develop a comprehensive range of alternative intermediate and long-term refrigerants. To clarify that are not only safer to use but that are able to meet or surpass the performance levels of the products they replace.

Features of Refrigerants

We distribute the products of world leader in the invention, manufacture and supply of environmentally safer refrigerants..

We distribute a broad line of R-502 and R-22 replacements for low- and medium-temperature refrigeration systems. Further, our alternative supply is Genetron AZ-50® (R-507), an azeotropic HFC mixture of R-125 and R-143a invented and patented by Honeywell. R-507 can use in both low- and medium-temperature refrigeration systems, and in both new equipment and retrofit applications. It sells under the brand name AZ-50‚ R-507. Subsequently, it has been approved by the world’s leading refrigeration manufacturers and in supermarkets and in industrial, food-service, and other applications use it worldwide. Another alternative to R-502 and R-22 is Genetron 404A, which use in both low- and medium-temperature systems. Genetron HP80 and Genetron 408A are also excellent interim products for low- and medium-temperature applications.

Why we distribute Honeywell’s Genetron Refrigerants?

In these changing times, it’s important to have a knowledgeable refrigerant partner. That can help your business make the transition to environmentally safer hydrofluorocarbon products. Above all, Honeywell strives to be that full-service supplier by providing products and support programs. Hence, it is possible to meet the changing needs of air conditioning and refrigeration professionals. Above all, the broad product line our manufacturer offer features Genetron brand solutions for virtually every application in air conditioning and refrigeration.

Being the most recognized, respected, and successful trading enterprise, Abu Saeed Trading Company LLC is dedicated to provide the best of products and services based on deep rooted commitment and value towards our customer's business and goodwill. We offer very competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery of our products.


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