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Honeywell Actuators UAE perform exceptionally well in demanding environments and simplify configuration, process monitoring and maintenance for users.Abusaeed Trading Company is the top Honeywell Actuators wholesale suppliers in UAE. We distribute the actuation system of Honeywell that can be tailored to meet customer needs while conforming to the toughest design and quality requirements.

Honeywell is an industry leader in the development and production of high performance actuation systems. Honeywell UAE Honeywell UAE offers the best technical solution at and we supply it at the best price for precision motion control in the harshest environments.

What do actuators do?

An actuator is a device that uses a form of power to convert a control signal into mechanical motion. From electric door locks in automobiles, to ailerons on aircraft, actuators are all around us.

What is the function of actuator in HVAC?

It is the job of the AC actuator to control the opening and closing of the airflow in response to the thermostat, thus controlling air movement and allowing cool air to blow down the ducts and into the house. The AC actuator is located above or below the coil.


Which actuator is used in HVAC system?

When used with valves, they often control the water flow rate. The 4 common types of actuators in HVAC are as follow:
Spring Return On/Off Actuator.
Air Volume Modulating Actuator.

Honeywell Spring Return Actuators

Precise, reliable performance. Lasting value. Ease of installation. To clarify, everything you look for in direct coupled actuators hinges on quality. Subsequently, quality engineering is what makes Honeywell’s complete line of actuators the top performers in the industry. Certainly, our global engineering team designs and tests our direct coupled actuators to exceed rigorous global standards — and to meet Honeywell’s own demanding life testing.

Firstly, Improve Installation Time

  • Self-centering shaft adapter provides mounting flexibility and greater clamping force.
  • Common wiring among families for every signal saves installation time.

Secondly, Decrease Material Cost

Detachable access cover allows direct wiring without a junction box.

Thirdly, Reduce Inventory

Signal mode switch adapts models to two position, floating (tri-state), or modulating (proportional) applications.

Fourthly, Increase Control and Accuracy

More than 200 reposition steps for modulating models provide precise control.

HONEYWELL Modulating Actuator VC7931ZZ11


Control central heating and cooling, fan coil systems, radiators and convectors. Depending on the model, it can be controlled by a low voltage SPST or SPDT switch, pulse-width modulated 24 Vac signal, or floating input, modulating controller.


Modulating Actuator use with two-way or three-way valves. These are double insulated actuators. It has five foot plenum-rated cable. Moreover, quick and easy replacement of moving parts is possible. Similarly, actuator head installation does not require draining the system. Further, selectable/switchable electronic fail safe normally open or normally closed.

In addition, available with valve bodies with 1000-series 2-way and 6000-series 3-way cartridges for new construction. Above all, all VC Series actuator-valve combinations provide 60 psi close-off.

We are one of the largest dealers for the full range of Honeywell HVAC products in the UAE. Our dedicated team strives to source and provide high quality products and renowned brands with dedicated customer service and uncompromising standards to improve lives and our communities.


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