Valve and actuators

A quality valve can make a noticeable improvement in the long-term success of your operation. Abusaeed brands provided valves and metal seals are designed for a 20-year life as a result of our stringent design criteria. Standards like corrosion resistance through improved material selection and endurance life cycle testing are two examples of how we provide quality and durability through our products. Even our most basic low-pressure valve, the Model 101, passes more tests than any other valve in its class. Our severe service and higher pressure valves, like the Models 120 and 130, undergo over twice the amount of testing required by API 6A PR2 (Annex F). That means when API requires 200 open/close cycles, FMC performs over 500 to ensure complete valve safety. Accompanying most FMC gate valves is an actuator product line that includes both pneumatic and hydraulic options, with continuous research and development to enhance current features. Both actuators and valves are endurance cycle tested to prove their high level of quality.

Valve actuators mount on valves and, in response to a signal, move a valve to a desired position using an outside power source. Selecting the correct valve actuator will increase uptime, reduce maintenance costs, and increase plant safety. Most valve actuators come permanently lubricated and will operate best with instrument-quality air. They can also be packaged with position sensing equipment, digital communication capacity and motor protection.

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