Refrigeration Valves, Fitting Indicators-Driers, Receivers, Accumulators, Muffler, Oil Separators & Condensers

ASIAN FIRST BRAND Refrigeration Valves include Shut Off Valve Solder Type, Shut Off Valve Flare Type, Capped Valve Flare Type, Capped Valve Solder Type etc. ASIAN FIRST take-apart shell filter-driers offer the flexibility of using either replaceable filter cores as protection against solid contaminators, or replaceable filter-drier blocks for protection against acid, moisture, and solids. They provide high liquid line flow capacities for larger air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. ASIAN FIRST BRAND Receivers are Upward Outlet Receivers, Downward Outlet Receivers, Vertical Receivers, Horizontal Receivers and Horizontal Receivers with Brackets Valves. ASIAN FIRST also provides Refrigerant Accumulators, Muffler, Oil Separators and Condensers.

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