Kranzle pump

The core of every high-pressure cleaner is its high-pressure pump. Only forged special brass is used for the pump heads to guarantee excellent quality and durability.

All pumps are made on CNC machining centres with electronic control systems to ensure maximum precision and compliance to specifications. This technology package is complemented by a number of details which, in total, make the difference in performance, safety and durability.

Worry-free operation is achieved through advanced design. Most pressure washer pumps with all ceramic plungers are quickly damaged when run without water or left to idle for too long. The Kränzle high pressure pumps can run without water or idle in bypass for hours without damage, preventing expensive accidents caused by operator error. Kranzle self priming pump only work with 2:1 gear-reduced Honda engine; the GX-LX model in gasoline engine configuration. The electric Kranzle pumps have to have a special mounting flange that doubles as transmission housing. Pumps can start dry and run dry, capable of running in extended bypass. Warranty on pump manifold is 10 years and other components have 1 year warranty. All Kranzle Pumps are capable of self priming from a tank, pond, or ocean.

Kranzle high pressure pumps run dry by using molybdenum-graphite backup rings combined with ceramic-coated stainless steel plungers to provide superior heat transfer from the self priming pump head to the oil bath. Designed for tough working conditions and with few moving parts, Kränzle pumps require minimum maintenance and are easily serviced. No special tools are needed.

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