Abu Saeed Trading Co. L.L.C. has a lengthy list of over half a hundred quality products, all from top brands known worldwide. This includes machines, equipments, fittings, valves, compressors and everything in the field of Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration. Just a scroll down of this long list can prove our dominion over this field.

1 Testing Manifold, Single Gauge Valve, Gauges Quick Couple <---- Click to View Asian First Brand
2 Latches & Valves Asian First Brand
3 Refrigeration Tools, Benders, Flaring, Cutters, Pliers Asian First Brand
4 Refrigeration Valves, Fitting Indicators-Driers, Receivers, Accumulators, Muffler, Oil Separators & Condensers Asian First Brand
5 Commercial Air Conditioner Aux
6 Residential Air Conditioners & Ventilation Products Ayoka
7 Beck Diff Pressure Switches Beck
8 Cold Room Curtains Cold Room Curtains
9 CPS Air Conditioning & Ref Digital Tools CPS
10 Charging Stations and Vacuum Pumps CPS
11 CPS Hand Tool CPS
12 CPS Manifold Sets CPS
13 Recovery and Recycling Machine 1 CPS
14 Recovery and Recycling Machine 2 CPS
15 Recovery and Recycling Machine 3 CPS
16 Recovery and Recycling Machine 4 CPS
17 Refrigeration Controllers and Monitoring System Dixell
18 Ducati Capacitors Ducati
19 Elco Motors And Fans Elco
20 Emerson Condensing unit Emerson
21 Emerson Air condition And Refrigeration Product Emerson
22 Copeland Compressor Emerson
23 Euro Motor For Refrigeration Euro Motors
24 Genesis HVAC products and accessories Genesis
25 Haflex Flexible Metal Products Haflex
26 Harris Brasing Alloy Fittings Harris
27 Honeywell Thermostat And Valves Honeywell
28 Honeywell Water products Honeywell
29 Honeywell Refrigerants Honeywell
30 Hunter Hunter
31 Electrical And Electronics Control And Timers ICM
32 High pressure Cleaning Pumps Kranzle
34 Thermometers And Gaugs Leitenberger
35 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Products Mueller
36 Controllers And Switches NHD
37 Packless Industries Packless
38 Parker Emkarate Refrigerant Oil Parker
39 Parker Virginia kmp Products Parker
40 Solenoid valves Refrigeration And Air conditioning System Parker
41 Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Motors Pioneer
42 Poly-Fio Poly-Fio
43 Rectorseal Rectorseal
44 Refrigerant Gas R22 R134a ect Refron
45 Condensative Removal Pumps Sauermann
46 Sisme Sisme
47 Refrigerant Oil Sunoco
48 Uniweld Charging Set Uniweld
49 Uniweld Industrial Tools Uniweld
50 Uniweld Vacuum Pumps Uniweld
51 Uniweld oxygen Cylinders Uniweld
52 Stationary Refrigeration Unit Zanotti

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