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Dixell offer a complete range of electronic controllers and monitoring systems for refrigeration applications.Dixell Controllers and Systems are able to give a right answer to any needs in refrigeration and conditioning applications: Industrial Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigeration, Food service & cooking, Equipment & contracting, Air-conditioning.

Industrial refrigeration requires the control of many different conditions to guarantee that products are processed and stored correctly. Temperature, pressure and humidity must be kept under control with reliable devices that are also simple to manage. Whether we are dealing with a compressor rack or the smallest refrigerator or refrigerated transport, controllers must provide total solutions that provide complete control. If there is an alarm, it is necessary to be advised quickly in order to intervene without delay. Therefore depending on the application Dixell provides remote assistance systems for local monitoring, for supervising or remote control including via internet.

Dixell products are distributed and supported in over 70 countries, by a sales network of experienced and qualified personnel, guaranteeing the correct selection of controllers and an efficient after sales service. Competence, professionalism, and courtesy make the Company Customer Service Dept. stand out. It provides distributors and customers alike with technical support, solutions and concise answers to issues that may arise. Mueller, Asian first brand, Honeywell, Elco, euro motors etc. are the other companies that deal Abusaeed trading co.(L.L.C).

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